Businesses, attorneys, professionals, and individuals have trusted Paramount Detective Agency in Salt Lake City for more than 60 years to deliver the information they need.  


   -"Rob is a tenacious investigator. He has the right background and demeanor to get things done when others cannot. I've worked with rob and know that he can be trusted to get results." Brett Tolman. US Attorney for Utah

   -"Rob Joseph understands that unfairness occurs in the criminal justice system when people are motivated by politics or self-interest. Rob is motivated to deter bad actors, expose corruption and bring about meaniful justice. he works had to do just that. Rob is not affraid of helping hold those who abuse power and the public trust accountable."

Troy Rawlings. Davis County District Attorney

    -"I've found Rob Joseph to be a patriot, religiously devoted to uncovering the truth, and shining a light on corruption, injustice and abuse...particularly within the criminal justice system. Mark Shurtleff. Three Term Utah Attorney General

   -"I characterize him as being a painfully honest person. Robert is also an indiviual of high interlect and quite creative in solving analytical problems." Verdi White III. Deputy Commission Department of Public Safety, HLS Director Utah/Alaska

   -"I've always seen Rob as somebody that wanted to do the right thing. He has built up a lot of relationships and that is one reason he is able to find things that others can't which may be why law enforcement asks him to find out hings for them. He has a lot of people that trust him."  John Swallow Utah Legislator and Attorney General


Rob Joseph Private Investigator

Why Paramount Detective Agency and Rob Joseph? Paramount Detective Agency has been around for over 60 years and is one of the oldest Private Investigation Agencies In Utah.  Rob Joseph personally has over 20 years of experience and is considered an expert in his field. 

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