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Clients tell us we are easy to speak with and make them feel at ease. Our team takes what we do seriously, putting forth all our resources and energy to help you win. 

Established history of over 60 years in Utah.  We are known for standing behind our clients and working hard for you. You never have to worry about our practices or methodologies when Paramount Detective Agency is on the case.

Paramount is the private investigation team you need in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.  Paramount is experienced in criminal, civil and domestic cases.  Let Paramount help you with your divorce, alimony and custody issues, catch a cheating spouse and much more.

Rob Joseph is a former Police Officer with over 20 years of Law Enforcement and investigative experience. He has appeared on numerous news broadcasts involving high profile incidents and investigations as an expert. He has a background in Civil Rights, use of force, discrimination and police  misconduct investigations. He is also a police deadly force and use of force expert. Rob has worked with State and Federal Agencies, including the US Inspector General, and the FBI's Public Corruption Unit in Utah and California. Has filed numerous cases on behalf of clients with the EEOC, US Dept of Labor, DOPL and POST. Rob has testified being State Grand Juries on police corruption and the US Commission on Civil Rights. Working with officials within Utah DPS Rob helped to desolve two police agencies for corruptionand have a number of officers removed from law enforcement.   Rob has  also appeared on Dr. Phil as a guest on officer involved shootings. 

About Rob Joseph
When Spartacus and Crixus need protection. Taken at  2016 SLC Comic Con. With actors Manu Bennett and Liam McIntyre
Rob Escorting Philip Seymour Hoffman at his last public appearance. Sundance Associated Press 2014

Officer Joseph was the movie coordinator and technical adviser on several feature movies being filmed in Salt Lake City. Throughout his time in the industry he was known as Officer Hollywood, PI and Bodyguard to many celebrities. For several years he has been the official Celebrity Protection at Salt Lake Comic Con, Sundance Film Festival's Associated Press, MTV, The Collective, The Indie, The Fender and The Music Lounges.